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Q: Does Sea Flush require permanent installation?

A: No, Sea Flush is not designed for permanent installation. It can be used on multiple boats.


Q: Does Sea Flush fit different sizes and brands of canister style sea strainers?

A: Yes, Sea Flush is designed to fit different brands of canister style sea strainers with openings ranging from 1.65” to 4.8.” This size range covers common sea strainers found on pleasure and commercial boats ranging from 25’ to 75’.


Q: Does Sea Flush work with different size Shop Vac attachments?

A: Yes, Sea Flush’s Shop Vac Insert is designed to fit Shop Vac tubes with an outer diameter ranging from .75” to 2.8.” This size range covers all common Shop Vac attachments.


Q: Can one person operate Sea Flush?

A: Yes. A single operator may need to set up Sea Flush for use then turn on the engine/ generator/ Shop Vac in a location that allows he or she to look outside the boat for visual confirmation of antifreeze/ bubbles/ raw water depending on what Sea Flush is being used for.


Q: What if I don’t see bubbles outside of the boat while clearing a clogged thru-hull fitting?

A: Make sure the Shop Vac is powerful enough to push water out of it’s own tube to the depth of the thru-hull fitting. Some severe clogs may require the debris to be physically removed.


Q: Why don’t I see air bubbles outside of the boat during winterization of a boat in water?

A: Make sure the seacock valve is open. Confirm that the Shop Vac is powerful enough to push water down to the depth of the through-hull fitting.


Q: How much biodegradable antifreeze do I need to winterized my boat?

A: Amounts vary based on the size of the components. During testing we found that a gallon was typically sufficient for a 5kw gas generator, while as many as 4 gallons were needed for a 5.9L diesel engine. The size of the engine’s muffler will also affect the amount of antifreeze needed. When in doubt, more is better.


Q: What if my engine/generator doesn’t have closed cooling?

A: Use Sea Flush to winterize the raw water portion of the cooling system then drain the raw water from the engine/ generator using the drain plugs on the engine block. See the engine/ generator’s instruction manual for more information.


Q: How long should I run my engine or generator to flush salt water out of the raw water system?

A: Typically a minute or so is sufficient. If the engine/ generator doesn’t have closed cooling, it needs to run long enough to reach normal operating temperature so that the thermostat opens and allows fresh water to flow through and flush out the engine. Always make sure there is sufficient water flowing through the engine while it is running.


Q: What if one sea strainer services multiple A/C units?

A: Use a Vise Grip with tape wrapped around the teeth to protect the hose. Pinch the outlet hose on the water pump to force air back towards thru-hull fitting for clog clearing or winterizing a boat that will be left in the water during the winter.

If winterizing, pinch all but one of the hoses, after the manifold, to isolate the A/C unit and allow air and antifreeze to flow up the hose and through the unit. 



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