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Sea Flush® Tips & Tricks


For sea strainers with larger openings: Because the Sea Flush Reservoir sits lower, wrap the bungee cords around (not just under) the input and output hoses a full turn to make the bungee fit tighter.


For Groco ® sea strainers with threads near the top of the opening: If you are having problems getting Sea Flush to seal at the top of the strainer, you can make a gasket using a paper towel.  Fold the paper towel in half twice to make it about the size of a cocktail napkin.  Use scissors to cut an X in the center, make the X smaller than opening at the top of the sea strainer.  Place the paper towel over the top of the strainer opening and put the Sea Flush Reservoir in place.  The paper towel will take up any gaps between the sea strainer and Sea Flush.


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