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Will it fit my boat?

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Sea Flush is designed to work on engines, generators, A/C units and raw-water wash down that use canister style sea strainers like the common ones made by Perko ® and Groco ®.
Sea Flush fits into the top opening of the sea strainers and because of the tapered shape of the Sea Flush Reservoir, it can fit various size sea strainers. 


Sea Flush will fit strainer openings from 1.7” up to 5.” (not hose size) This size range covers nearly every canister style sea strainer on the market today.  5KW generators and sailboat diesels typically use the smallest size strainers which have an opening of about 1.9” While larger diesels use the larger strainers which have an opening of about 3.5”


Sea Flush has been tested and used with small inboard engines on sailboats all the way up to the larger 8.3L and 8V92 diesels and various engine sizes in between.


Sea Flush will work on strainers mounted on top of stringers and up against bulkhead walls.  Sea Flush does require some vertical clearance above the stainer. It’s a safe bet to say that you need about 15” of room above the sea strainer to use the Sea Flush Reservoir and be able to pour antifreeze or cleaning product into the Reservoir.  If you’re using Sea Flush with a Shop Vac, the height will vary depending on the length of the Shop Vac tube.



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